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Employ VMware vSAN

You probably currently have physical SAN storage and some faster standalone servers with local storage, combining servers, hosts or nodes together allows you to share your compute, memory and storage, local fast storage performs far better than traditional network SAN storage, but simply buying individual servers with local compute, memory and local storage causes single points of failure, vSAN will solve this issue. It can scale out your resource sharing SAN, local storage across the globe and using VMware AWS cloud, all of which we can provided through VMware vSAN software.

VMware vSAN utilises server attached flash devices and local hard disk drives to create a shared datastore across hosts in vSphere cluster. VMware vSAN achieves high availability by adding a software layer leveraging existing server hardware to provide the same resiliency and features as expensive SAN, NAS or DAS arrays. Further to this vSAN is uniquely embedded within the hypervisor kernel, directly in the I/O path allowing it to make rapid data placement decisions without the installation of additional VIBs or virtual appliances.


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