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- a truly modern Software-Defined Data Centre (SDDC)

An SDDC is characterised by several unique factors as compared to traditional data centres. Physical servers, networking gear, and storage arrays are abstracted from the workloads that run in the SDDC. Virtualization not only decouples workloads from hardware but also makes data centre services easy and inexpensive to configure, manage, and consume

.Applications in an SDDC run entirely on logically defined resources for which the underlying hardware is abstracted away. In this sense, the SDDC architecture is hardware agnostic, with the requirements as basic as servers, with disks, and a simple packet-forwarding network backplane.


An SDDC brings automation, operations, governance, and business insight to IT through a cloud management platform. Unlike legacy management tools, the cloud management platform is purpose built and deeply integrated with the underlying virtualization layer. This integration provides comprehensive insight, automation, and operations to a dynamic data centre environment, enabling IT to easily orchestrate provisioning, management, and monitoring across all SDDC infrastructures and workloads. Ultimately, all elements of data centre infrastructure, as well as the applications and services running on that infrastructure, are managed through a software-based control plane and are automated to the fullest extent possible.

An SDDC architecture is also geographically agnostic because the logically defined infrastructure resources can span across data centres, including those owned by IT or cloud serviceproviders leveraging the same SDDC platform. Using the SDDC cloud management platform to holistically manage these data centres, those of IT and those of the service provider—enables enterprises to operate a hybrid cloud. Finally, people and processes in an SDDC evolve from manual, day-to-day operations to supporting business priorities by offering infrastructure, applications, data, and IT services to business users on demand.

VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) provides an integrated stack which bundles Compute Virtualization (VMware vSphere), Storage Virtualization (VMware vSAN), Network Virtualization (VMware NSX) and Cloud Management and Monitoring (VMware vRealize Suite) into a single platform which can be deployed on-premises wherein the customer is responsible for managing the physical infrastructure and the virtual machine workloads or can also run As-a-Service in public cloud.








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