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Employ VMware NSX

Employ NSX is your foundation for your Virtual Cloud Network.

Why deploy VMware NSX? VMware NSX software is a key building block of a software-defined data centre (SDDC) approach, enabling automated and policy based virtual networking services for vSphere environments, including those running on existing Cisco UCS and Cisco Nexus hardware. VMware NSX brings a comprehensive set of L2-L7 network services including Routing, Switching, Perimeter Firewalling, Load Balancing, DHCP, DNS, Monitoring, Security, VPN, and a powerful VM NIC level distributed firewalling; all of which can be programmatically deployed for your applications (in seconds) on your existing Cisco infrastructure running VMware NSX for vSphere. Moving forward, the VMware NSX virtual network platform can seamlessly extend across pods of dissimilar physical infrastructure, creating a common pool of IT resources and consistent networking service model across multiple disparate pods. When the time is right, this normalization provided by NSX enables a non-disruptive migration to any other physical network infrastructure, such as the Cisco Nexus series, or other fabric.


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